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Gardening Services Shepherds Bush are such good garden landscapers that they turned my terrible back garden into somewhere I actually like to be.

  • Tia Morrison

I will be using Gardening Company Shepherds Bush for all of my lawn care needs. They have great rates and even gave me a discount! Their gardeners are fabulous too.

  • Jenna F.

It was easy to book the garden care service with Shepherds Bush Gardeners. Then they came around, I watched them at work, and my garden worries just melted away. I will recommend this company to everyone and anyone.

  • Johanna S.

It's the time of year for gardening and making my lawn beautiful. I just bought a house and my neighbour recommends Gardening Shepherds Bush, the same service he uses. I was very impressed. Not only did they do a great job but, the prices were low which is a definite bonus in my book.

  • John S.

Their gardeners are professional, trustworthy and have never let me down. Gardening Services Shepherds Bush have a brilliant workforce, one that's able to complete a range of different tasks to a high standard.

  • Penny J.

I used their garden design team to enhance my back garden. Shepherds Bush Gardeners certainly did that.

  • Michell S.

Shepherds Bush Gardeners is quite the pocket-friendly landscaping service. Though I only required basic lawn mowing, the crew was courteous, communicated well and did not try to sell me on 'extras'. I have since hired them on a bi-weekly basis to maintain my property.

  • Kate Rendell

Just used Shepherds Bush Gardeners for garden landscaping. Thought they were simply marvellous. They worked incredibly hard and it was a pleasure to have them sort out my gardens. I look forward to employing their services again very soon.

  • Angela Clarke

The patio cleaning service I hired from GardenersShepherdsBush was top-quality; hiring the service was simple and cheap, there weren't any issues on the day, and my patio was sparkling clean by the time they'd finished working their magic.

  • Chloe H.

If you want a pretty garden but don't have the time then you should definitely contact this service! Gardening Shepherds Bush's gardeners work quickly, thoroughly and with a smile on their faces! I get lots of comments about how great my garden looks and it's all down to this fantastic firm. 10/10, would recommend!

  • Felicia

I have found Landscaping Service Shepherds Bush to be the best gardening company I've used in many years. Their diligence and experienced yet friendly garden teams really make this company stand out in terms of quality of service. I am very happy with the help I've been given and was compelled to write this review to express my gratitude!

  • L. Daniels

Thanks to the excellent team from Gardening Company Shepherds Bush, my garden no longer looks like an abandoned mess that hasn't seen a lawn mower for years. Now, it looks stunning and so neat and tidy. You don't have to pay over the odds for their services and you definitely get what you pay for. I highly recommend this company.

  • William Ivory

I had been desperate to get a patio put in my garden and there was no way I would be able to do it myself. This is why I called in Landscaping Service Shepherds Bush to handle things for me. They ensured I had the patio I wanted and that the job was done safely. I am very impressed with their work and recommended them highly to everyone.

  • Leonard Parr

Gardening Shepherds Bush did an incredible job transforming the mess that was in my garden into a beautiful clean and clear outdoor space. I can now use my garden instead of closing the curtains at the back of my house and refusing to look at it. Thanks for all the effort and hard work put into making my job a success!

  • Rich Hadley

My mother had decided she wanted to keep her garden clean and healthy, but it wasn't something we could do ourselves. We decided it best to hire Gardening Services Shepherds Bush for help. They provided the weed removal services we required and got the job done fast. Every weed was carefully and thoroughly removed, so none remained by the end of the day. We can now take care of the gardening work ourselves, but only because we had expert help to get us started.

  • Zoe Leyland

We have been hiring Gardening Company Shepherds Bush's gardening services for over three years now. We have been repeatedly using their service because of the high quality and standard maintained by their gardeners. I recently used their service for garden spraying and I must say that the quality was a lot better than what another company offered me some years ago. We have now developed a good relationship with their staff. Thank you for taking care of our garden and maintaining it with all the love and care you could give.

  • Joanna L.

When I needed some landscaping doing in my back garden, I called up Shepherds Bush Gardeners to help turn my ideas on paper into the finished masterpiece. They were fantastic and got to work right way. They didn't need babysitting, but kept me in the loop and well informed of their progress throughout the process. I had envisioned what it would look like and their work certainly met all my requirements and to an extent, even exceeded my expectations. Amazing job!

  • T. Johnson

When I was younger I used to take care of my garden myself and the hedges were always trimmed perfectly. When I was unable to take care of it for a while, it quickly went downhill so I called Gardening Company Shepherds Bush straight away. They provided me with a great value service which was delightful as I thought hiring a gardener was pure luxury. I only booked them for one visit initially but now I've been using them for years.

  • Dawn

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